Apparently its Springtime, however, yet again we have another ‘snow day’ which I don’t mind at all as I am all warm and cosy indoors 🙂

So, I have taken advantage of this time to do some de-cluttering and clearing out.

On doing this I came across a form I had to fill in before I started my mentoring programme just over 4 years ago. Reading this made me realise just how far I have come and how much my thinking and mind-set has changed! 

(This is why I feel it is so important to write things down, do a thought diary or journal, so you can look back and see just how much progress you have made). Anyway getting back to the point of the blog…
My biggest fear was of growing old and being alone, this dominated my thoughts for so many years. The constant image of me.. a lonely old lady with no one around me – no kids, no grandkids. Just me. I used to wake up in the middle of the night not able to breathe with these thoughts and panic taking over me. These thoughts filled me with dread of the future.

Upon reflection, and now having done so much self development work I can see I was fuelling my own fears by focusing on what I was lacking in my life ( children) – projecting a future that not even mystic Meg could predict! opposed to looking at everything I did have in my life.. lots of friends ( and their kids) my family and my freedom.

Through practice I have now trained my mind to notice the positive opposed to the negative in everything, I do a gratitude journal before bed, my Self -awareness has increased no end meaning I now notice my mood changes, and what has triggered them and I am able to deal with them quickly and easily -usually a few rounds of Tapping sort it!

I no longer worry about the ‘what ifs’ what’s the point? All this does is create anxiety and prevents you from being fully present to enjoy today – the ‘what is’.

All the inner work, the therapy, the grief, the tears, the acceptance and learning to love myself has most definitely saved me and been worth every penny! I now feel FREE!


Without acceptance of who we are and where we are right now we cannot move forward in life.

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Thanks for being here!

Much love

Mel X