Tapping Circles

Are you looking for support with stress and emotional challenges?

Mel from Tapping into Change and Julie from Jules in Yoga come together to provide an evening full of insight and inspiration.

They collaborate their knowledge and skills, share their stories and experiences with the intention to educate, inspire and motivate you to feel better about yourself and life.


Our regular evenings include:- 

An intro to EFT and Tapping Circles, Meditation, Hypnosis Relaxation plus tips on Self care and why it is so important. You will come away feeling motivated and uplifted to begin your own journey of self-discovery.

What is a Tapping Circle?


If you are wondering what a tapping circle is – it is a very simple but powerful way to process and clear any negative feelings.

You will be guided through a tapping sequence using EFT ( Emotional Freedom Techniques) as a group, this is a fantastic opportunity should you wish to volunteer and be willing to share an issue that you feel is still affecting you.

The meditation will be a safe, simple and relaxing close to the evening. Lets not forget the tea and cake at the end!

A perfect way to get to know other like-minded women in a safe, comfortable and welcoming space. Mel and Julie will be at hand to answer any questions and talk more about their work.

October Tapping circle at Woodfield Park Community Hall.

Our November Circle

Wow….just come back from my first Tapping Circle….what an absolutely brilliant experience. Both Julie and Mel were so welcoming and all the ladies there so lovely.

I never expected to get anything out of it except maybe some relaxation techniques but Mel somehow managed to help take away something that had been bothering me for years, something I had bottled up and pushed away and all within 10-15mins of starting her tapping. I don’t have the words to describe exactly what happened, but I just feel so at peace with myself about that subject now, it’s unreal!

I highly recommend people try this (even if you think you can cope with anything). I’ll definitely be booking in. Thank you so much Mel for giving me chance to experience it and for working your magic xx

Annette, Worksop


£35 per person – places are secured once payment has been arranged.

Please note there will be limited spaces – contact me to book on:

07736 283 070

01909 470 847

No tapping circle in your area yet?

Give me a call.

Our Next Tapping Circle ( Beginners)


Venue:  Balmoral Community Centre, off Valley Road, Worksop, S81 7ET

Date:  7th January 2020

Time:  7-9pm

My first Tapping Circle experience


Back in February 2014 I attended my first workshop which introduced me to tapping.  If you’re wondering what it looks like, please watch my video below.

You’ll notice a lot of yawning. Was everyone bored? No, this is in fact and interesting indication that energy is moving and releasing as you tap. It’s very common, and a good sign.

Freedom begins in the mind