We all have our own struggles and challenges. It’s part of life. It’s the way we manage these difficulties and utilize our coping strategies that’s important.

I had tried everything to help me feel better and deal with my own personal life challenges, including antidepressants, CBT and counselling. They worked for a while, but nothing really lasted, I know now this was because I had unresolved “stuff”, tonnes of emotional baggage, and I needed to process the actual EMOTIONS that were making me feel this way – which I believe cannot be done through just talking… and most definitely not from popping a pill.
My mind was a mess, I was focusing on everything that was wrong or lacking in my life, I was constantly putting myself under pressure by comparing myself to others.. I should be this by now, I should have that by now…blah blah blah! I had fallen victim to societies expectations and my own circumstance.
This led to years of battling on and off with depression, I always appeared to be OK on the outside but on the inside I was lost. I felt irreparable.
I reached my lowest point in my late thirties, after being told I was going through the early menopause when I thought (and hoped) I was pregnant.

So whilst I was trying to deal with that  I also had to have a full hysterectomy due to pre cancerous cells in my uterus. Single and childless this took its toll on me. I’d always taken for granted I would have kids and now this had been taken away from me. I felt I had no purpose, I felt a total failure and that I had let everybody down (including myself). I tried to push it to the back of my mind, to suppress these debilitating feelings of sadness, guilt, anger, grief and get on with life the best I could but it was so hard, I couldn’t shake these awful thoughts I was constantly plagued with.
I knew things had to change, I couldn’t carry on living with this destructive voice and negative mind-set anymore, and I knew the only person who could change this was ME, and I was ready!

Something shifted massively for me once I had decided to sort my life out. I was like something higher than me was guiding me.
It was at this time in my life that I was introduced to EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).
This proved to be the solution I had been looking for, and so my journey of self-development began. For the first time in years I felt optimistic, I was excited about the future and everything felt right. I was literally buzzing when I left that workshop.
Fast forward to today I feel a totally different person, my mind-set is now that of a survivor I am no longer stuck in victim mode, hence I am now in a much happier place. I left my job last year (after 16 years) that was causing me undue stress and now I have my own place doing what I am most passionate about – helping others with their own struggles to live a happier, healthier life using the techniques that saved me.

I have invested a substantial of money in myself on mentoring, training courses and other self-development materials, and it has been worth every penny.
I cannot stress how effective these therapies and techniques can be in providing an alternative solution in helping you to feel better from the inside out.

Mel x

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